7 Tips for Marketing and Promoting Your Book
Writing / August 18, 2021

The WWJ Author Conference of 2021 was amazing. One of our guest speaker was Diana Needham, CEO of Book Business Partners in Chapel Hill, NC. And I took a lot of notes to implement some tips and suggestions on how to market and promote your book.

I had such a negative attitude about marketing and promoting; I thought my Facebook friends felt the same way. When I wrote my haiku book, I felt like a hypocrite pitching my book on Facebook, doing what I didn’t like others doing, selling something. But after listening to Diana Needham’s presentation, I immediately changed my mindset and the words I used to sharing and connecting.

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7 Tips for Marketing and Promoting Your Book

  1. Know your audience and be very specific about who they are. Under with clarity why you write for them, even if it’s just for one person. The clearer you can identify your audience, the easier it is to share and connect with them.

2) Where is your audience? Think beyond your social media platforms, which are the best place to target your audience. But look within your community, your neighborhood, the local library, the schools in your area, the community center, the coffee shops, mom and pop bookstores. You can even find your audience in your church, on the Nextdoor neighborhood appt., at Meet and Greet events, and at book fairs and book conventions.

3) Attraction. You only have 6 seconds to capture your target audience’s attention, because first impression speaks volume. People judge a book by it’s covers. So present your book in the best package possible, starting with a book cover. Then pitch your story, not the book — you already got their attention with the cover, and then hook them with the story.

4) Convert your potential audience as readers. Offer a promotional sale, because who doesn’t love a good sale? Give away some swag for your book and host some book signings with your local bookstores, community centers, neighborhood recreational center, and at a coffee shop. Instead of a spoken word event, do a reading. You can host your own even on and offline to convert new readers.

5) Transform potential readers by word of mouth, shared pics, endorsements, book events, and celebrations. You can start a Facebook group and use your launch team to help spread the word about you and your story. You can also encourage your readers to give a review on Amazon and with other book vendors. Word of month will transform someone who has never heard of your story and generate more sales for you. They may even become one of your biggest fans.

6) Humbly toot your own horn. There is nothing wrong with sharing the talent that God has given you to show the world what he can do through written words. Take a pic of yourself holding and celebrating the joys of your story. Watch others wanting to celebrate with you through a like, share, and retweet from social media and word of mouth. Toot-toot!

7) Have fun! Don’t think of sharing and connecting as a dreaded thing to do. Pick activities you would enjoy doing and continue celebrating beyond your book release date.

Enjoy the journey. Happy Writing!

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