7 Tips for Marketing and Promoting Your Book
Writing / August 18, 2021

The WWJ Author Conference of 2021 was amazing. One of our guest speaker was Diana Needham, CEO of Book Business Partners in Chapel Hill, NC. And I took a lot of notes to implement some tips and suggestions on how to market and promote your book. I had such a negative attitude about marketing and…

10 Tips: How to Encourage and Celebrate Other Authors
Writing / August 1, 2021

10 tips on how readers, writers, and authors help celebrate and encourage other authors by taking the 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Challenge. Give a 5-Star Review Share on your social media platforms Email a positive note of appreciation Invite on a podcast Offer a promotional graphic Include in your Newsletter Feature in a blog post Word of…

Disconnect to reconnect
Writing / July 19, 2021

Have you ever had a moment when you needed to disconnect to reconnect? Listen to my latest podcast Season 3 Episode 17: Mental Break Take It When Needed, and share with me how to disconnect to reconnect in comments.

Comp Titles
Writing / July 13, 2021

What is a comp title, and why is it essential to your writing process? A comp title is a reference to another work, usually more than one book that gives a sense of what your book is about. When I wrote my first draft I had no idea what a comp title was until my…

How I write my Novel using the Snowflake Method
Writing / June 25, 2021

Award-winning author Randy Ingermanson created and wrote the book How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method. After trying other writing and outlining methods in the past, the Snowflake Method is what I faithfully used to jumpstart my next novel idea. I get to see the growth of one simple sentence expanded into a…

The Monarch Method: Honoring the Blank Page
Writing / June 10, 2021

Last weekend I attended Dr. Jen Lowry Writing Conference (workshop) on honoring the blank page. I always wondered how Jen keeps publishing book after book every three to six months. The magic is honoring your space, your pace, and your story. Jen uses the acronym of Monarch to break down the stages of writing the…

Welcome to Coffee, Cozies, and Shenanigans
Writing / May 24, 2021

(waving) Heyy!  I recently switch from one platform to another, because I wanted something different— an all-in-one platform. I needed a place to declutter my thoughts while writing; easy to navigate, user-friendly, and affordable to maintain regardless of any unforeseen changes in the future. I also wanted the aesthetic to have a minimalist layout that…