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Outlining a novel

How I write my Novel using the Snowflake Method
Writing / June 25, 2021

Award-winning author Randy Ingermanson created and wrote the book How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method. After trying other writing and outlining methods in the past, the Snowflake Method is what I faithfully used to jumpstart my next novel idea. I get to see the growth of one simple sentence expanded into a…

The Monarch Method: Honoring the Blank Page
Writing / June 10, 2021

Last weekend I attended Dr. Jen Lowry Writing Conference (workshop) on honoring the blank page. I always wondered how Jen keeps publishing book after book every three to six months. The magic is honoring your space, your pace, and your story. Jen uses the acronym of Monarch to break down the stages of writing the…