“As a coffee enthusiast, I start every day with the perfect cup. My writing brims with warmth and comfort, whisking readers away on whodunit adventures packed with shenanigans and delightful surprises.”


My journey into cozy mysteries began after years of caring for others as a geriatric and hospice nurse, where I witnessed the profound strength of the human spirit. These experiences instilled in me a deep appreciation for community, resilience, and finding light in dark times—themes woven into my stories.

I am a latent writer. As a child, the idea of reading and writing felt more like a chore than a delight. However, my perspective shifted when I encountered the charm and intrigue of cozy mysteries, starting with Sharon Meirke’s Case Closed: Not and her Mabel Wickles Cozy Mystery Series. It wasn’t just the mystery that captivated me; it was the promise of justice and a happy ending that spurred me to craft my own tales where the good often triumphs and warmth fills every page.

A transformative NaNoWriMo experience led me to discover a new purpose with pen in hand. During this time, I wrote my first collection, Echoes and Whispers: Haiku for Nano Writers, as a beacon for fellow scribes combating the dreaded writer’s block. Serving on the NaNoWriMo Community Advisory Board from 2021 to 2023, I became passionate about encouraging others to write because their stories matter.

I’m a native Houstonian, married to my hubby for 32 years, and together we have three creatively talented daughters. My family is my greatest joy. When I’m not writing, I enjoy playing cozy games (ACNH), attending cosplay and Pokémon events, journaling, and treasure hunting in quaint second-hand bookstores.

Meet My Family

10 Fun Facts about me

  • I like peanut butter in my coffee. (shhhh)
  • I see things in the dark. (creeping imagination)
  • I’ve experienced déjà vu so often, I’m convinced I have a sixth sense.
  • I got suspended from an all girl catholic school imitating Elvis Presley on Sister Edwards desk.
  • After HS I wanted to be a Nun with the Sisters of the Incarnate Word, even though I’m not a catholic.
  • I’ve been caught in the middle of a flash mob dance in a grocery store.
  • I once spent a whole day communicating only in haikus as a personal challenge.
  • I’ve accidentally solved a Rubik’s Cube without knowing how I did it.
  • I have a habit of writing plot ideas on post-it-notes and leaving them in books at the bookstore. (Shameful)
  • I once saw Santa Claus, a UFO, and Jesus in person when I was a kid. (And it wasn’t my imagination)

Bonus Facts

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