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The Monarch Method: Honoring the Blank Page
Writing / June 10, 2021

Last weekend I attended Dr. Jen Lowry Writing Conference (workshop) on honoring the blank page. I always wondered how Jen keeps publishing book after book every three to six months. The magic is honoring your space, your pace, and your story. Jen uses the acronym of Monarch to break down the stages of writing the…

haiku 426
Haiku / May 26, 2021

brown skin curly hair reflections of me I see pages of a book

Welcome to Coffee, Cozies, and Shenanigans
Writing / May 24, 2021

(waving) Heyy!  I recently switch from one platform to another, because I wanted something different— an all-in-one platform. I needed a place to declutter my thoughts while writing; easy to navigate, user-friendly, and affordable to maintain regardless of any unforeseen changes in the future. I also wanted the aesthetic to have a minimalist layout that…